1. view from behind the drum kit.

    april 6, 2014

  2. daytrotter 3.22.14

  3. video flier for the next gig, courtesy of Brian Cook.

    Ringo Deathstarr

    Panda Riot



    Beat Kitchen  March 2nd, 2014

  4. alvvays - adult diversion

    current band crush!

  5. logo t-shirts now available in sky blue.


  6. StarTropics, Tomorrow Never Knows 2014

    photo credit: Milos Markicevic

    more at the source

  7. live at schubas, Jan 17th 2014

    tomorrow never knows festival

    photo credit: d sines

  9. gpoy! ( ◕‿◕)b

    just got the new shirts in!

    on sale at schubas tonight and updating the webstore this weekend.


  10. preview of the SECRETWARS remix of our song “tempest”.